Paul Pawela - Founder and Instructor

Paul Pawela

Retired from the Military -10(TH) Special Forces Group (ABN)
Military H Instructor Identifier & SOCOM Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
Former Team Leader and Tactical Trainer QRF for Counter Terrorism
Previously worked with all Special Operations forces which included US Army
1ST Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta Force and the United States Seal Team Six.

Graduate of three different police academies and served as a Police Officer in Three Different States

Current Instructor or Former Adjunct for the following national training schools:

  • American Warrior International
  • ARMA Training
  • Lethal Force Institute
  • Defensive Training Inc
  • American Small Arms Academy

Graduate of the FBI Hostage Negotiation School, Smith& Wesson, H&K, Sig Arms Academy and NRA Police Fire Arms Instructor Schools

Attended the following national training schools (Partial Listing):

  • Mid-South
  • Thunder Ranch
  • Police Officer Survival Institute
  • Universal Shooting Academy
  • 727 Counter Terror Unit
  • Vickers Tactical Training
  • Strategos International
  • NASA Law Enforcement Academy
  • Phoenix RTB
  • PPCT
  • North Mountain Pines Training Institute
  • Team One
  • ICE

Over 40 years of Martial Arts Experience – Certified Instructor in Jeet Kune Do & Kali and the American Warrior Free Fighting System

Recognized as one of the top knife Instructors in the Country

Served as a Personal Protection Specialist and former Private Investigator

Published Author- Collaborator The Special Operations Tactical Sniper Manual available by Paladin Press

Published in the following magazines:

  • The Chief of Police- The Official Publication of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • POLICE Magazine
  • Police One
  • Tactical Gear Magazine
  • Tactical MilSim Magazine
  • Concealed Carry

Co wrote:

  • Black Belt
  • Guns&Ammo
  • SWAT
  • Combat HandGuns
  • GLOCK Annual
  • Martial Arts Insider
  • Body Guard Magazine
  • Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
  • Real Fighting

Appeared or featured in:

  • Gung Ho Magazine
  • Soldier of Fortune magazine
  • SWAT
  • Black Belt
  • Martial Arts Digest
  • Real Fighting
  • American Handgunner
  • Combat Handguns

Personal Professional Accomplishments:

  • Trainer of 552 Military Police Unit voted best Tactical Unit in the Army
  • First American Awarded Romanian Parachute Jump Wings
  • One of Two First Americans to train in Africa Nigerian Police Forces
  • One of Two reporters to ever be first time granted access to NASA Kennedy Space Center featuring their
  • Security
  • Gold Medal Winner at the coveted Arnold Schwazenegger Martial Arts World Games.