RSD Vehicle Counter Carjacking

Course Description

We all say it can never happen to us but what if it does?  Did you know that about 38,000 carjackings occur every year in the U.S and most are in urban and suburban areas not far from the victim’s home?  A report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) shows the following:

  • 63 percent of carjackings occur within five miles of the victim’s home
  • 17 percent occurred at or near the victim’s home
  • 68 percent of carjackings occurred at night
  • 93 percent of carjackers are male, 3 percent female, and about 3 percent mixed male/female groups
  • 56 percent involved multiple assailants
  • 90 percent were committed against a single victim
  • 93 percent are committed in cities and suburbs
  • A weapon was used in 74 percent of carjackings
  • Guns, especially handguns, were the most common weapons used (45 percent), followed by knives (11 percent) and other types of weapons (18 percent)
  • 44 percent of incidents occurred in an open area (such as on the street) or near public transportation, and 24 percent happened in parking lots, garages, or near commercial businesses
  • About 15 murders a year are related to carjackings
  • Men were victimized more than women, and ethnic minorities more than whites
  • About 45 percent of attempted carjackings are successful

In and around the vehicle is where the majority of lethal force situations happen for armed citizens. This class will cover all subjects pertaining to a violent encounter around the vehicle such as carjacking.

Topics include:

  • Approaching and entering the vehicle
  • Exiting the vehicle safely
  • Avoiding a carjacking while driving
  • Hand to hand techniques both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Shooting firearms from inside the vehicle, the vehicle gunfight
  • Bailing out of the vehicle to engage targets
  • Dealing with a carjacking
  • What to do if your vehicle is being shot at
  • And much more…

The instructor and other students will be the assailants and we will teach you how to stop their attacks in different scenarios.  This class will teach you judgment during a stressful encounter.  You will be firing live rounds in some scenarios and in others, we will provide you with weapons that fire UTM Training Munitions and Sirt Guns.

Price and Availability

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location: ACT & WJS Outdoors Training Center
Private Range.  Details in the email confirmation. 

Cost: $225.00 per person.

A minimum of eight students will be required for this seminar to be held. If we have less than eight all students will be contacted and moved to the next available class.