Edged Weapons

Edged Weapons Training

Course Description

The popularity of the pocket clipt was made fashionable by armed citizens with carrying concealed weapons permit, the only problem with carrying a knife as a back-up weapon to your primary weapon (Firearm) is most citizens have never taken the responsible time to take a training course to show the courts they exhausted every option of self defense before they used the knife as their last chance for self-defense.

The problem with the majority of martial arts/ and knife self defense programs taught throughout the country is 95% of the Most Popular knife programs taught throughout the country will NOT be acceptable in a court of law as a justified form of  self –defense.

The ACT Edged Weapon Self Defense Program is.


  • History of American Knife Self Defense VS Other Countries Knife Self Defense Systems.
  • The Ramifications and Legalities of carrying a Knife for Self Defense are fully discussed.
  • The Myth and Misnomers of the Knife fight and how a lethal edged weapon attack is most likely to happen.
  • Defense Tactics empty hands against a knife, with a knife against a knife, with a handgun against a knife, a rifle against a knife.
  • Why some knifes is better than others.
  • How to deploy the knife under extreme stress
  • Thrusting techniques VS Slashing techniques.
  • Medical implications of knife injuries, wounds and the immediate first aid treatment
  • Training scenarios will be conducted against a padded attack assaulter with a knife.


  • Mouth Guard
  • Groin Guard
  • Eye Protection

Price and Availability

Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Location: WJS Outdoors Training Center
2137 N Courtenay Pkwy #22
Merritt Island, Fl 32953

Cost: $200.00 per person.

A minimum of six students will be required for this seminar to be held. If we have less than six all students will be contacted and moved to the next available class.