Lethal Force Training Simulation, Games, and Tournaments

Make split-second decisions and find out if you have what it takes to defend your life and save the day!

Simulators help police officers, military personnel, and FBI agents make better decisions on when they should and should not fire their guns, why not you?  The life or death decisions you may face are not always easy to predict.  You practice being a proficient shot but do you have the ability to know when a situation is going to go wrong?  Can you tell if someone is a threat or not?  What if they are only reaching for their cell phone and you shoot them because you perceive danger in that split second you have to decide on a course of action?  Why not practice with real-life scenarios to learn when to shoot and when not to shoot in case you have to make that life-changing decision?  You can practice the use of force and situational awareness in video-based scenarios that can have multiple outcome possibilities.  Not sure you’re ready for lethal force simulations scenarios yet, we have you covered.

We also off a variety of games and fun activities you can do with friends and family.  We offer marksmanship and training drills, enjoyable for the entire family!  Some of what we offer are tracking drills, speed drills, moving targets, and matching exercises.  Shoot against yourself and a timer or a friend in two player scenarios and games.  We have recreational training like a dueling tree, trap shooting, target shooting, can toss and bomb blast.  If you’re a competitive shooter, you can practice while saving on the cost of ammunition with IPSC courses and quick draw based scenarios.

Prizes for quarterly tournaments will be announced on registration page at time of registration.

Information & Cost

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Tournaments Held: Quarterly
Tournament Entry: $35 Per Person
Practice Per Hour: $30 Per Person (min four people otherwise $45 each)
Gun with Recoil Additional: $12.95 Per Canister (GreenGas Can or CO2 Cartridges)
Phone: (321) 735-9842
WJS Outdoors Training Center
2137 N Courtenay Pkwy #22
Merritt Island, FL 32953