Pablo Martinez - Instructor

Engineer with the US human lunar space program with experience in mechanical, electrical, and pyrotechnics systems.

Trained in the martial arts, fencing, firearms, tactical medical, home defense, vehicle defense, active shooter response, knife/counter-knife, weapons retention and disarming, realistic self-defense, force-on-force – including UTM, pistol, and carbine instructor development, and others. Always a student, continue acquiring more knowledge and develop skills.

Skilled as an integrated thinker able to bring together multidisciplinary concepts and ideas into comprehensive solutions to complex projects and problems. Prior military experience was with aircraft maintenance instead of firearms. All these skills have been acquired through training with some of the best in the business. That experience is beneficial to relate these concepts to civilian students better.

Affiliations and Certifications:
  • Close Quarter Confrontation Firearms Instructor
  • Civilian Ultimate Training Munitions Certified (UTM)
  • Stop the Bleed Instructor
  • NRA Benefactor Life Member
  • USCCA Member
  • US Law Shield Member